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Custom Embroidery Services

Make a bold and creative statement with embroidery!

The ancient art of embroidery has experienced a rejuvenation through modern machine-created techniques, highlighting a positive correlation between tradition and innovation.

Our embroidery department uses the latest creative and production software to stitch your logo or design onto the clothing and accessories that you select from our online catalogs.

We'll convert your artwork to stitches

An embroidered design is a special kind of graphic. It is made of thread instead of ink, so it has a different texture and sheen. Converting artwork created for printing to an effective embroidered design requires specialized expertise!

Our artists know how to emulate the intended shape with thread so the final sewn image will have the same impact as a printed logo or design, even if it is significantly simplified.

See our Embroidery FAQs below to learn more about threads and what to expect.

Embroidery Pricing

Generally, our prices are based on the number of stitches in the finished design, but we also factor in the following.

Digitizing: Since creating a new design requires specialized design time, the fees may be based on time rather than the number of stitches. A small but detailed logo may take more time than a jacket back design that uses simple filled shapes and lettering. We like to quote individually on digitizing charges.

Sewing: The sewn-out design is priced by the number of stitches in the design. A larger design takes more time to sew. You may use our Price Quotation Request Form to get a detailed quote on your project.

FAQs About Our Custom Embroidery

We can have your order ready within 2-3 weeks after design and quote approval.

Embroidery has no minimums, however, the more you buy, the better pricing you can receive!

It's important to note that embroidery differs from printing. What looks good on a business card may not translate well to embroidery.

Small lettering, excessive detail, or very tiny shapes are challenging to reproduce with thread and don't yield a pleasing final product. Ideally, lettering should be at least a quarter-inch in height for the best results. Don't expect finer detail than what can be achieved with a standard felt-tip pen.

While you can use as many colors as your design requires, most designs typically use up to 6 colors. Our machines can handle up to 12 thread colors.

For designs needing more than 12 colors, we start with 12 colors, then replace thread cones and re-thread the needles to add extra colors before completing the design. Therefore, designs requiring more than 12 colors can be considerably more expensive compared to designs with 12 colors or fewer.

Keep in mind that colors on a sample card may look lighter when sewn due to the thread's sheen.

A color card displays threads flat next to each other, while a sewn design incorporates stitches that sink into the fabric, conforming to the garment's shape. This results in more highlights on the sewn design, creating the illusion of a lighter appearance.

In an area filled with stitches, there are about 64 threads in every inch. In graphic terms, that would be "low resolution.” That means that artwork (especially subtle curves and feathery effects) needs to be emulated rather than reproduced. We know how to emulate the intended shape with thread so the final sewn image will give the same impression as a printed logo or design, even if it is significantly simplified.

High-resolution, vector artwork is preferred, but not always necessary. We can often work from business cards, website images, or photographs for some designs.

To learn more about file formats and preparing your files to send us, please see our Artwork Requirements page.