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Artwork Requirements

We are in the business of helping your business grow. The following standards arise out of the needs of our industry.

Low Resolution art: Is usually fine for embroidery designs (72 dpi) unless the design is very detailed or elaborate. A business card will do for some logos; photographs are needed for vehicles such as cars and boats. Artwork from a website will often suffice for an embroidered logo.

High Resolution art:  High Resolution art may be required for screen printing with a minimum of 300 dpi to avoid possible clean up charges 600 dpi for process jobs. Sent files with PMS color information.

Generally, the higher the resolution or dpi of the artwork or photo is the easier it is to work from, especially artwork with fine details.  Large files must be compressed as .zip files for Windows.

Acceptable File Formats

.AI or .EPS

VECTOR ART is preferred. Please include all fonts and create outlines for all fonts.

Need some help?

If you need assistance in choosing a format or preparing your files, do not hesitate to contact Maine Camp Outfitters at 800-560-6090 or